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United Overcomer Church of God

United Overcomer Church of God

Under the leadership of Reverend Stephen Morrison and associate Pastor Lincoln Sutherland, shepard the multicultural congregation of United Overcomer Church of God. A mixture of Caribbean Americans, African American, and Causasians believe in the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and its words documented in the Holy Bible of the King James Version.

For 15 years our congregation has been a light in the Community. We were the first place of worship located in the small store plaza of our local community in Palm Beach County. During its commencement we began with 30 members. The membership growth over the years not exceeds six hundred percent. We have continued the work of God to win souls for the Kingdom. We are a close-knit congregation. Our Members are consistently concerned about each other, and the Community.

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“We channel God’s love through service to our community.”

“Motto: This is the place where everybody is somebody.”

United Overcomer Church
of God

Reverend Stephen Morrison
Associate Pastor Lincoln Sutherland
1068 W. 28TH Street
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
(561) 842-1629